I write down a lot of the things I think about. The internet calls these thoughts in writing ‘blogs’. Here is where you can find my blogs, essays and even entertain yourself with my pieces of short fiction.

If you are a fan of writing and literature and reading fiction, I would really appreciate constructive criticism on my stories as I look to grow in this area. Please do leave a comment.


I have written, recorded and produced seven studio albums as a solo act. You can listen to them and maybe purchase them here.



I am a songwriter, musician and psychology student. I have been writing songs and making music in various incarnations for over twenty years. During this time, I have been continually fascinated by the minds of musicians and songwriters I have met and worked with. I am aware from first-hand experience how fragile the mind of an artist can be and have been studying for the to understand people like us better. Right now, more than ever, many of us have been left behind, stuck at home with nowhere to play, and no one to hear us. The challenges are huge so its ok to ask for a little help now and then. That is why I wish to offer my skills and expertise to help you! For FREE.

I am currently an undergraduate student with the OU on my final year of a Psychology degree and work a day job with an NHS Community Mental Health Team. I have vast experience in music and mental health and wish to merge the two, strengthening the minds of the creative musician and songwriter.



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Scotland, UK

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