‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’ 

- Pablo Picasso. 


I am an artist. An artist who uses words and song as my canvas and musical instruments as my paints. I create stories in song and now add motion photography to my pallet in order to better shade the stories of everyday heroes which I hope tells you the story of you. I am fascinated by the mind of the creative and the effect of art on the minds and souls of its listeners and viewers. I wish to keep creating, keep learning and keep sharing what I create and what I learn so that I can inspire and help anyone to embark on an artistic journey of their own.

To make this all happen, firstly, I must further legitimise my own artistic credentials by creating a portfolio of artistic works of my own. Meanwhile I must gain the academic understanding of the mind through study and stitch the art and the academia together, into a huge comforting blanket. Then, I want to wrap that blanket around anyone in need so that they may go forth in life not as a mere survivor of someone else’s story, but as a creator their own.

Music and Songwriting Psychology?

My aim is to answer the many questions around this subject using my intuitive understanding of the artists mind and comprehensive study and research of psychology. Part of that research is to begin connecting with songwriters and musicians to understand their minds, motives and weaknesses. I want to build a trusting relationship and reputation for getting results by focusing on working with them in a variety of ways;

  1. To strengthen their overall mental resilience.

  2. To improve their creative output.

  3. To allow for safe access to the darker realms of the psyche where innovation may hide.

  4. To maximise the potential of the artist by increasing goal focus and enhancing performance.

  5. To improve inter band member relations through team ethics.

  6. And improve collective band focus on goals and targets.

  7. To use songwriting as a means of recovery for those struggling with mental health issues.

  8. To activate the creative within those who believe themselves not to be.

  9. I am also excited to carve out a fascinating niche which looks at the psychoanalysis of song lyrics, looking at reoccurring symbolism within lyrics and psychological sign posts within the lyrics which can help the writer address and underlying issue. 

All of these seemingly ‘far out’ ideas are tied together in what I will call Music and Songwriting Psychology which is akin the Sports and Exercise Psychology used for Athletes, another specialised type of human being.


So if this interests you the reader, or if you know someone who can benefit from this kind of service. Please do get in touch through info@seanmcbain.com and I will happily open up the dialogue that gets you the help and me the experience. All of this is completely free of charge while I develop my field and increase my experience.


We all have a part to play in making this place better than when we arrived. This is mine, I want to help you find yours.